Property Law


PROPERTY LAWSouth African property law regulates the “rights of people in or over certain objects or things.” It is concerned, in other words, with a person’s ability to undertake certain actions with certain kinds of objects in accordance with South African law. Among the formal functions of South African property law is the harmonisation of individual interests in property, the guarantee and protection of individual (and sometimes group) rights with respect to property, and the control of proprietary relationships between persons (both natural and juristic), as well as their rights and obligations. – WIKIPEDIA

Being specialists at Property Law, Smit Attorneys Inc are able to fulfil the following Property Law functions:


  • Drafting Deeds Of Sale
  • Property Transfers
  • Sectional Title Transfers
  • Bond Agreements
  • Sub-Divisions
  • Opening of Sectional Title Schemes
  • Registration of Sectional Title Schemes